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“GOF” is her Konkani songs CD which she has made as a very unique Konkani collection of Original style.

Songs in the album

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1 Tu Devi Mahamaya
2 Yeta oli veta oli
3 Oxech Asache Dolle
4 Kazarachem Utor
5 Babu Amgelo
6 Mhoje Kulloriche Vantte
7 Pontti
8 Mollaveleon Kovddea Bhirem
9 Re Mora Digontara
10 Shree Dhalo (Lok Git)

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About GOF

Shakuntala Bharne's maiden album GOF weaves togther captivating variety that exitsts in Konkani music of Goa. Gof means a pattern in which threads of different colours or various strands are woven together in a pattern. It is also the name of a folk dance of Goa in which ropes of various colours are woven in a pattern by a group of dancers to the accompaniment of verses, music and rhythmic steps. GOF is appropriately titled as it presents a cultural pattern through ten lilting songs representing the varitey in Konkani music.

Lilting Songs

GOF brings to you ten melodious songs carefully selected by Shakunta Bharne. They include invocation to the Goddess based on a classical Raga, modern songs laced with folk elements, a lullaby, love songs in popular tunes and a folk song that has stood the test of time through generations and is as fresh and lively as it was centuries ago. These songs display a variety which is a notable feature of this album.

Lyrics are from renowned lyricists who have helped to make modern Konkani music popular. Some of them are acclaimed poets in Konkani literary arena.

The Music

Aditya Kudalkar, young and versatile musician has arranged music for the songs included in the album. His choice of tunes and instruments is appropriate. It enlivens the spirit of the song. The special efforts made by him to do justice to each of the songs is evident in the musical arrangement.

GOF desires to weave people together into a harmonious pattern through Konkani music rooted in the soil of Goa.