Books written by Shakuntala Bharne

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A first Konkani book on Music.

Includes introduction to the Indian Classical Music and other important aspects (1995)

classical music goa konkani singer


A compact and informative Konkani book on Indian Classical music.

Published by Goa Konkani Akademi. (2006)

classical music goa konkani singer


"Swaraprabhakar" biography of renowned classical vocalist pandit Prabhakar Karekar is written by shakuntala Bharne in goan language Konkani. It depicts his life story musical journey. The book is 300 pages thicker which includes more about a theory of preparing voice for singing classical music. Which is called "riyaz". The book is more valuable for Indian classical music learners.
Marathi swaraprabhakar written by her will be published in very short span of time.
This is a 1st artists biography written in so much depth and detail study of an artist i.e. Pt. Prabhakar Karekar